Destroy enemies to make your play area bigger. Destroy their spawners to gain extra points. Beat your own or friends high scores!

Made for Screamworld Jam themed "Space". Didn't realise it was a horror jam until mid-development. My bad :D

Supports and is recommended with Xbox One controller (maybe others but I haven't tested).


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Circle 37 MB
Circle Space 37 MB
Circle Space 37 MB

Development log


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A fine addition to my future embarrassing stories! I was really bad at this game but I gave it my best shot.

Love the video, thank you! Lots of great criticism :)

You're totally correct that it's weird in the context of the jam, I simply saw the theme "Space" and joined. Later I learned that it was a horror jam by design, but decided to not drop out anyways.

Don't know what the problem with the music was, but I didn't test the system much. It was supposed to play a couple of songs and then loop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- NightRunner // Caspar

PS: You were quite good considering WASD controls ;)